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Launched in March 2006, MENinROPE.com is a 

male bondage website brought to you by DogTrainer1974,
a Gay LeatherMan and Rope Top from the UK.

You will find pictures of men tied in both western bondage and 

Japanese / Shibari influenced styles, or simply wearing rope.

So, if you like your men tied in rope then this is the place for you!

This site aims to provide its viewers with quality FREE pictures of men in rope bondage 

in a crisp, clutter-free web environment.

MENinROPE.com welcomes viewers from all genders and sexualities 
(as long as you accept the Terms and Conditions of Entry, below)

All models are over 18, have consented to being bound in rope and photographed, 

and have given permission for their pictures to be used here.

MENinROPE.com is NOT a porn site, you will not find any full nudity or sexual acts. 
It is a website dedicated to the art of rope bondage.

MENinROPE.com is happy to feature MEN of any sexuality

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11.All models are over the age of 18 and have consented to any of the activities portrayed and photographed, and for such images to appear on this site;

12.You agree not to hold DogTrainer1974 or the site liable should you attempt to reproduce any of the images contained within the site. It is highly recommended that you receive tuition before attempting any form of bondage. Should you perform or received any such activity you do so entirely at your own risk;

13.These terms and conditions are subject to alteration at any time and without notice. You are responsible for ensuring that you comply with the current requirements at any given time;  

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Latest Gallery: Wednesday 7th November 2012